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           I am a Spiritual Activist and I have a desire to share all I discover along the way. I have a passion for coaching and healing work because I want to share the transformative journey and process that has allowed me to live a more authentic, joyful and loving life.

           I can help you let go of fear, doubt and insecurity that’s getting in the way of you expressing your best self. After a coaching session with me, you will feel uplifted, a profound sense of self-love and inspired to take action. After a healing session with me, you will be deeply relaxed, your stress will be greatly reduced and your energy rebalanced.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Distant Energy Healing sessions are available for 30-60 minutes. We’ll decide together what might be best for your needs.

Professional Coach and Energy Healer

Initial Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes. Follow-up sessions vary.


This is where you can schedule phone or Skype sessions for coaching and distant healing Reiki sessions. All times are in EST. I will contact you to confirm.

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December 2016
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"Nikki truly practices what she preaches. She manages to juggle being genuinely sassy, fun, and loving – while naturally coaching you toward your short and long term goals. "
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