One of my many spiritual and life teachers is Cheri Huber. I favor her humorous and straight forward approach to teaching life lessons. One of her many teachings on non-judgment is a simple, but effective practice. Here’s the practice: “So what?”


Whenever you feel yourself judging yourself, someone else, or a situation, you ask yourself “So what?” I remember thinking what a great approach that is to practice non-judgement! Because, really, who cares? Does it really matter? Is it important? Is it kind, loving, compassionate? In the grand scheme of life and the universe, all those little judgements are illegitimate.


Here’s how non-judgement shows up for me- I’ll be out and about, watching TV, the Internet, talking with someone, etc and these silly thoughts pop up in my head;

“That woman’s dress doesn’t flatter her”

“That guy is checking that woman out”

“Why is that girl smoking?”

“That person has some strong conservative views”

“I should wear more makeup”


When I am aware of these thoughts, I stop myself, and ask myself “So what?” I really pause myself to reflect upon why it might be important for me to consider that particular viewpoint. I want to practice being kind, generous, and compassionate and judgement doesn’t fit in with those values. 


What’s your non-judgement practice? How have you stopped participating in the judgement game?


I always love to hear from you!


Lots of love, Nikki

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