Who’s That Coach?

Self-Love Coach & Spiritual Gangsta

I am a Spiritual Activist with a desire to share all I discover along the way. My approach when working with you combines my many years as an expert personal and professional life coach, intuition, energy medicine, as well as spirituality to help you get to well-being. I have a passion for coaching and healing work because I want to share the transformative journey and process that has allowed me to live a more authentic, joyful and loving life.


I grew up in a large Puerto-Rican family on the East Coast in an inner city where I witnessed the negative effects that extreme poverty, drugs and violence have on people’s lives. I chose to see a different self and choose a new story than what was available around me. That new story was to believe in myself and the possibility of a happy, successful and fulfilling life. Because of this, I am the first person in my family to attain a bachelor’s degree and then go on to attain a master’s degree.

Sad to Gladlaughter

In early 2010, I became severely ill and was diagnosed with an acute and chronic autoimmune liver disease. I was in constant pain and suffered ensuing severe liver and immune system damage. My body started to break down and life as I knew it changed. Shell-shocked, I dove headlong into spiritual practice exploring a myriad of healing modalities. Over a long restorative journey, I have built a stronger spiritual practice, emotional well-being and healthy lifestyle. I have released the blocks from my life and continue to heal my body and expand my spiritual wisdom. I have learned to not let my disease overtake my purpose or joy in life.

Keepin’ it Real

I have a fresh, real and direct approach to coaching that results in my authenticity. I combine that realness with my spirituality-seeker/mystical side which allows me to express my compassion, love and wonder for life through my coaching and healing practice.

I choose to live wholeheartedly. I love meeting and connecting with people, nature walks, dancing and cooking and use these forms of expression to live out my joy and passion in life. I give back to my community often. I have lived all over the country and like to think of myself as a gypsy. Currently, I reside in the verdant beauty of Seattle, WA with my husband (who I’ve been with blissfully for 20 years!).

Street Credit

    • Reiki Certified Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing
    • Training in Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT
    • Studies in Shamanism with Foundation for Shamanic Studies
    • Energy Healing training at School of Energy and Self Awareness
    • Master Coach Certification from InsideTrack

    • Certified Life Coach training from JTS Advisors
    • Certificate in Transformational Leadership Coaching from the Satir Institute of Beijing, China
    • M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Seattle University
    • B.A. in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from Trinity College


Using coaching skills and an abundance of resources gained through my education and life experiences, I help you sculpt the life you want, see your compelling future, and take action to achieve it! I offer tangible wisdom that you can take out of our session and go forward in action.